World’s first operational drone delivery service launched in Iceland

Locals in Reykjavik, Iceland are now getting their takeaways delivered by drone. The world’s first operational drone delivery service has launched this week in Iceland’s capital city. The drones transport a range of goods, including groceries and restaurant food, much faster than delivery vans. The company behind the service plans to scale it up in the next few months to make hundreds of drone deliveries each day. The drones are operated by Flytrex, an on-demand drone delivery firm based in Tel Aviv. They are currently flying between two parts of the city separated by a large bay. The company claims that deliveries that would take 25 minutes by car in Reykjavik can be completed by a drone in just four minutes. To make a delivery, the drone lands in a field in the suburb of Grafarvogur. Here, it is met by a courier who either drives or walk, depending on the distance, to make the delivery directly to a customer’s home. The flights are held as part of a partnership with AHA — Iceland’s largest shopping and retail website which operates in Reykjavik. The company is currently only carrying out one delivery at a time. It claims, however, that multiple deliveries are possible, and one controller can fly a number of drones simultaneously. Flytrex aims to make 20 deliveries per day and says it will be adding more over the next few weeks. In the next few months, it plans to scale that up to hundreds of deliveries a day

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