Net Neutrality reversal, Paper app now free, Millennium Falcon drone – DT Daily (Feb 5)

For a while there, it seemed like the death of net neutrality was a forgone conclusion what with FCC chief Tom Wheeler saying OK to a pay-to play plan and Netflix striking deals to keep House of Cars flowing freely over the interwebs. Then suddenly, everything seemed to change. Confused about the whole issue? These porn stars are here to help explain it all (likely NSFW).

In our world of tablets, touchscreens, and computer-generated graphics, it seems like drawing is becoming a lost art. So why not combine drawing and technology?

Drones are back in the news again, but this time for a very cool reason. YouTube poster Olivier C fairly blew up the internets yesterday with a quadcopter of his own making housed in a hand-made copy of the iconic Millennium Falcon.

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