Marcelo Luna . Naza Bomb Collection #003 – [Drone] [Big Wave] [Nazaré]

Spectacular Drone Footage captures Surfer being “eaten alive” by a Monster Wave

Incredible drone footage has emerged of an intense carnage sequence in Nazaré involving a Brazilian Surfer, the action was captured earlier this year and just now released by a Portuguese Drone team operating in the area.

Marcelo Luna, a 33 years old professional Big Wave Surfer from Brazil, is seen taking on a monster wave in Praia do Norte during a Big Winter Swell, he manages to drop the Huge wave successfully but later he is caught by the monster wave in full force and disappears into the white wash, the drone captures all this sequence at close range and below the crest of the wave. Marcelo took an underwater hold down of many seconds before finally resurfacing with the help of a inflatable vest used in this extreme situations, the rescue team got him out of the impact zone moments after that, Marcelo survived this heavy wipeout just with minor injuries.

“This was like being eaten alive by a monster”, Marcelo told the filmmakers after the session was over, “I got lucky not to be directly under the lip of the wave during impact, otherwise this could have been a very different story, the energy of that wave was really intense and held me down for a long time” he added.

Marcelo Luna is chasing Giant Waves in Nazaré since 2016, being one of the most active Big Wave Surfers operating in the area lately, with several WSL Big Wave Awards entries under his name, he is a regular presence when conditions go ballistic in Praia do Norte.

Praia do Norte beach, near the fishing village of Nazaré, has become famous worldwide for huge waves in 2011, when Hawaiian surfer Garrett McNamara set a world-record for the largest wave ever surfed: 24 meters (78-foot).

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Surfer: Marcelo Luna
Location: Praia do Norte, Nazaré – Portugal

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