Kull Tech Films – Tesla Model 3 Delivery Experience 5 29 2018

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I learned a lot during this visit. It was an amazing experience. My attempt to share it with you, however I know it won’t even come close to that actual experience. Also, I had to throw music on top of the video duel to copyright violations because the radio was on in the background. I hope what I did works, if not I am sure they will take the video down.


The Experience

Taking Delivery Of
The Tesla Model 3

Tuesday May 29, 2018

Kull Tech FIlms

Music From
Jingle Punks
and the
YouTube Library


JPC-Big Times V2


Im Solid-MG-JP


Circle The Moon-JP

Stay 008 No Perc-JP

Dont Ever Stop Dancing

In The Open no vox-JP


Here We Are – JP

Where I am From
Tophr Mohr and Alex Elana

Lucky Day – JP

Presented to you by
Kull Tech Films

David Kull

Copyright 2018



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