Hubsan X4 – Beginner’s Jumpstart Guide [Tips & Tricks]

Hubsan X4 – Beginner’s Jumpstart Guide [Tips & Tricks] is designed to help new RC pilots get a jump start into the hobby or provide seasoned pilots with some fantastic indoor fun when the outside weather is inclement. For $40 dollars you get everything you need to learn how to flying a remote control aircraft that is capable of effectively flying indoors or outdoors. On the other hand, if you already have sufficient flying skills simply push down on the controller’s elevator joystick, enter “Expert Mode”, and perform simple aerobatics.

“Hubsan X4 – Beginner’s Jumpstart Guide [Tips & Tricks] will discuss the quad’s basics features, several modifications and advice on learning how to fly. So, if you are new to flying remote control airplanes and helicopters by purchasing the Hubsan X4 as your first model you will find an economic and safe way to learn how to master the skills of controlled flight. From there the sky is the limit!

First time pilots: Purchase the prop guard to prevent damaging your motors.

Transmitter Stick Calibration – Mode 2: Put the two sticks to the upper left position & hold, then power on the transmitter. Rotate both sticks a couple of times in full circles. Then hold down any trim tab until the LED on the TX blinds red, signaling a successful calibration.

Lipo Battery Document:

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