Germany: See ‘Parcelcopter’ DRONE deliver meds to German islanders

Video ID: 20141118-023

W/S Man with parcelcopter drone taking medicine out of box
M/S Journalists
M/S Man taking medicine packets out of a box
M/S Journalists
C/U Man places packets in the drone
W/S Journalists
M/S Drone blades spinning
M/S Journalists
W/S Drone taking off
M/S Drone flying away
SOT, Andrei Busch, DHL CEO (English): “This is the first time actually, we think worldwide, that an unmanned autonomous flight is performed by a civil organisation.”
M/S Drone flying away
SOT, Andrei Busch, DHL CEO (English): “Yes, indeed, there were a couple of incidents where medication was desperately needed and just through the parcelcopter we were able to provide it very very quickly.”
W/S Drone landing
C/U Drone cargo part reading (German): “DHL Packet”
M/S Drone with sea on background
M/S Road sign for Juist


Seehund pharmacy on the North Sea island of Juist received a medicine delivery by drone on Tuesday. Deutsche Post-DHL has been sending medicines by drone from the mainland town of Norden since September 18.

The drone can carry up to 1.2 kg (2.6 lbs) of medicine, which can be delivered in 15 to 25 minutes, depending on weather conditions. The medicines are sent regularly as part of a research project, but also in cases of urgent need.

According to DHL CEO Andrei Busch, there have been incidents where “medication was desperately needed” and could only be dispatched by drone. Busch also claims that DHL’s efforts were the first instance of an uncrewed autonomous aircraft being used by a civil organisation.

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