Freestyle FPV Drone Tricks with Stick Overlay

Do you want more stick overlay?

I’ve been wanting to share some stick overlay footage for some time now. I know when I was starting out learning to fly, the basic tutorials tapped out when it came to advanced acro and freestyle manouvers.

I was left having to try and figure it all out on my own.

For anyone wanting to get better at freestyle, I highly recommend you focus on the relationship between your mind, what you are seeing through the FPV feed, and what angle the copter and it’s thrust is facing.

Mastering the use of inertia along with the translation of the actual angle of thrust vs your feed will drastically improve your skills. I hope that makes sense.

And as always, work on your throttle control.

Take care everyone, thanks for watching.

—————- My Quad / Drone —————-
Betaflight 3.0.1 – 8k/4k mode
Alien 5” ImpulseRC Frame (moved to 4.5” Alien and new prototype frame from
Custom wire harness from 2A Pololu
EMAX Race Spec 2205 2300kv (I’m now on the T-Motor 2206 2450kv)
Aikon 30A BLHeli_S ESCs
XRacer F303 v3.1 – Soft Mounted
RunCam Swift v2
TBP Triumph Antenna
Frsky X4R SBUS receiver
Micro MinimOSD Flashed with MWOSD
OpenLog Blackbox recorder
Dal 5x40x3 v2 Tri-blade Props
Turnigy Graphyne 4S 1300mha Battery
TBP Unify Pro VTX

—————- Googles —————-
Fatshark HD3 (modded for hard wired fan)
Laforge V2 Diversity Modules
VAS Mad Mushroom 5 lobe antenna
8dbi Immersion RC patch antenna

—————- Transmitter —————-
Frsky Taranis Transmitter – (Adjusted gimbals / 5dbi Antenna Mod)

—————- HD Recording —————-
Xiaomi Yi – Camera with Superview and Microphone mod

—————- Support and Partners —————-
My thanks goes out to all of the companies supporting me:

RunCam –
T-Motor –

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