First drone delivery route opens in east China

A drone carrying a parcel arrived in a village in Anji county, east China’s Zhejiang Province on Monday, marking the start of drone delivery services in China.The 15-km flight took just over ten minutes, making the service at least twice as efficient as traditional mail delivery.
According to drone developers, this particular flying machine can carry a parcel with a maximum weight of 5 kg, and can travel within a maximum range of 20 km. Automated delivery is possible even under moderate rain and up against force 6 winds (39-49 km/h).
Drone delivery services would be hugely beneficial to remote areas of China like Anji – a mountainous county – as they can reach small villages cut off from major roads and transport links.
The service will first go through a test run of three months before it can be further developed and officially begin to operate.

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