Drones Photography Basics – 5 Drone Shots You Need To Master – IndieHACK Ep. 9

#drones You’ve picked up your first quadcopter but how do you keep from looking like a noob? Bring extra batteries and make sure they’re charged or your first day with your flying camera will be really short. Check that all your propellers are nice and snug, and don’t forget to have a microSD card to capture all of the great aerial video with your flying drone camera. We recommend this one:

Once your pre-flight check is done we’ll show you how to take some cool drone shots to help tell a complete video story, great for wedding reception videos and similar events. We’ll show you how to fly-by, reveal, high pan, and how to do a shot fly-through to explore the area. When shoot video with drones, no matter what type of shot you take, you always want to make sure that you get a bit of extra footage which is useful for long fade transitions.

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