Drone to air-drop beer to concertgoers in South Africa

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Concert-goers in South Africa this summer will be able to enjoy air-dropped beer thanks to a beer delivering drone.
The drone is developed by Darkwing Aerials and will be tested at the Oppikoppi music festival in the Limpopo province of South Africa this August. Customers will be able to order beers through an iOS app that will send their GPS coordinates to the drone operators. Once an order is received, the operator will attach beer cans to parachutes, before placing them onto the drone. The drone will then use GPS coordinates to locate the customer. Once located, it will release the beer by parachute so it floats gently to the ground, ready to be picked up by the customer.
The drone is a modified octocopter from SteadiDrone. It has to be manually operated at the moment, but operators are working towards delivering drinks automatically using a pre-programmed GPS grid.

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