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Drone Crash Compilation – Drone Video Daily DAY 2

One of the best drone crash compilations on YouTube!

▼ALL of this video’s content is for educational purposes, it teaches you how to NOT fly your drones. All videos and sounds remain the sole property of their copyright holders and are used under the creative commons use rights for education and entertainment and all that good jive.

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Links below to some of the videos featured here today, thanks for your support…and fails!

crash xiaomi mi drone

drone crash 1

dive tower and crash drone

drone mavic crash queda de

drone almost drowned in a lake

dji mavic air crash fail pilot

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▼▼▼My responses to questions based on this video.▼▼▼

1.) QUESTION: Hi, I’m still a Newby so it would be great if you could indicate WHAT the mistake was for the couple of crashes that did not involve obvious trees/buildings/cars. For example the upside down one?
MY RESPONSE: Well the upside down one could have been a lack of pre-flight checks such as propeller wear and/or battery capacity charge. It would appear that in his video, something happened that told the quad to shut off the motors and power down..this occurs mainly due to battery levels and motor errors such as bad propeller conditions or blockages based upon my experiences.
As you can see in most the clips, it was pilot error and you can google just about any accident and the root cause factors will be defined…usually remote pilot error.
Thanks for your question!

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