Amazon delivery by drone: FAA gives green light for drone test drops

Originally published on 20 March, 2015

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Online retail giant Amazon has been granted permission to conduct delivery drone test flights after a months-long tussle to win approval from the Federal Aviation Administration.

The Amazon delivery drone’s propellers are driven by eight motors, which are designed to ensure the drone can still operate in case of an emergency. The drone is powered by six to ten lithium ion battery cells.

Workers put the goods for delivery into boxes, which are then carried away by a delivery drone. The drone is designed to transport parcels that weigh less than five pounds. Two cameras are affixed to the drone to detect obstructions the drone may encounter during flight. The drone is supposed to deliver the parcel to its destination within 30 minutes.

The FAA’s approval is a small victory for Amazon, but it will need to apply for another permit if it wants to modify the drones at all during testing.


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