Drones are becoming more and more apart of our daily life.  At DroneNewsWire.com, we hope to keep readers updated on the latest news and technology for drones.  We believe that good information will rise above false or bad and that the “Drone Community” can help police and drive the very best practices.

DroneNewsWire.com is looking to develop strategic relationships with:

  • Affiliate Marketers/Writers
  • Drone Dealers/Manufacturers (Commercial, sport, or hobby)
  • New Product Releases
  • Vloggers
  • Writers/Bloggers
  • Aspiring Graphic Artists
  • Advertising Specialists (familiar or compatible with the industry)

If you are already involved in the industry and want to cooperate in some manner, you are the one we want to hear from.

We plan a strong quality blog with open face affiliate linking showing various options for purchases and prices from popular and or high quality dealers only. I want to keep away from the standard crap sites out there with articles written for the sole purpose of profit without quality information.

We encourage anyone who feels that any of this is applicable to them, to contact me with what you can bring to the table on this exciting new project. Lets talk.