These are the things to know BEFORE YOU FLY YOUR DRONE. B. breaks down the top ways to set-up your drone before you fly high!

1) Make your battery is fully charged.

2) Make sure drone blades are secure

3) Join a drone community


go to meetup.com to find a drone club

4) Use App shows you where is legal to fly – HOVER, BFUFLY

5) Let people know you’re going to fly the drone!

6) Make sure the battery is secure in drone

7) Make sure you have media in your drone.

8) Pick the right position when you start

9) Know what your flight plan is

10) FAA drone registration (link coming soon)

11) Don’t take your drone off near gravel or sand


Phantom 3 Professional- This is my baby. I’ve flown this drone more than any other drone and shot with it more. It’s an amazing workhorse that defines dependability. Just make sure you get ND filters ( for your camera and you’ll be flying like a pro in no time.

Estes Proto X Microdrone- This little fella right here is what started it all. My very first drone. SUPER difficult to fly, but that’s the best way to get started. Make your mistakes here…and grow into a dope ass pilot. Nothing fancy about this drone, it flies and moves the way you tell it to. Learn to point the nose of the drone while you fly and you’ll be heads and shoulders above the crowd.

Latrax Alias- This is the most fun I’ve had flying a drone. This thing is SICK. It’s damn near indestructible and just fun! It does flips, has varying degrees of difficulty to fly, and is fast! I cant praise this one enough as a toy/learner drone. If you think the Proto X is childs play, this is your trainer drone. Either way, enjoy the flight. Make sure you grab a couple extra batteries too! ( (each battery only has a few minutes of flight time)

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